Really confused about concensus

Hi all,
I’m trying to get a handle on what concensus actually is and I’m a little stuck.

I have a set of data that I want 2 people (myself and a labeller) to each label to see how much we agree on the labels we assign.

I tried to do this but I get this warning. Is it because there are more than 2 possible labels? this is a multi-label classification task


however, the other labeller is on the project when I check the members tab in overview.

Can someone direct me on how to make this happen or point me to the correct resource?

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Hi @u.habaraduwakandambi, are you attempting to create this batch from the Data Rows tab within the project or from Catalog?

@u.habaraduwakandambi Thank you for reporting this concern!

I’ve just investigated the behavior and can report that if you press the “Submit batch” button, the batch will still be submitted successfully.

The warning message is appearing incorrectly and we will address this issue as soon as possible.

Hello sir @Zeke. How to apply as labeler? 4 years of experience as 2d and 3d data annotation.

Hi @clydemartinez02, Labelbox does not hire individual labelers for the teams that we work with through our Boost program.