How to Obtain Multiple Labels per Video in Labelbox?

My video dataset in Labelbox has only one label per data-row, but I’m looking to have multiple labels per video. Is it possible to enable multiple labels per data-row for this purpose?

I have currently taken a look into batches, and if understood it correctly I may need to use Consensus. However, I’m not sure if I could switch current setup to consensus without losing already collected labels. Also, not sure if this is the best practice for my purpose.

Hi @Didas, you are correct that using consensus will allow you to create multiple labels on each data row.

While you cannot modify the batch to ask for multiple labels after the batch creation, you can send these data rows to a different project and label them multiple times there.

Could you please share some more details about your use case and your reasoning for wanting to create multiple labels? Learning some specifics here may allow me to offer some more relevant recommendations!