Relation between Project.export_labels and ModelRun.export_labels Labels


I just discovered the difference in the NDJSON dict of a label returned when using Project.export_labels() vs. ModelRun.export_labels().
The ModelRun version returns much less fields than the Project version. I am assuming this is the case because of how the ModelRun labels are versioned snapshots of the real label - this makes sense.

However, is there a way to fetch the relationship of the Label ID that the versioned label belongs to? (the ID for the same label is different for an exported label from Project & ModelRun due to versioning, I’m assuming)
This would allow me to fetch more info about the versioned label than what is returned by ModelRun export.

Also, how would you recommend we filter and use only Approved labels in our training from Model Runs via SDK, given the limited data from the versioned label ???

Could the current reviews state also be a returned when the versioned label is downloaded?

For reference, I have included the different dicts returned for the Project & ModelRun label export
Thank you

image image