Release Note May 2024

Labelbox’s recent updates introduce several new features and improvements:

  • A new warehouse integration allows users to sync datasets between Labelbox and data warehouses, supporting over 25 different data sources.
    More on that : How to : 🚀 No-Code Warehouse Integrations (Census) in Labelbox!
  • The fine-tuning capability (beta) enables users to fine-tune YoloV8 object detection models with custom features.
    More on that : How to: Fine-tune Model with Foundry
  • Custom and auto-generated embeddings can now be included when exporting data rows via Export v2.
  • Issues can be assigned to categories, with categories managed within the Issues tab in a project.
  • Support for additional model and annotation types in Foundry, including video detection and classification models.
  • LlaMa v3 is now supported in Foundry.
  • Updates to the home page, Boost Workforce Express projects, and Catalog search experience improve usability and functionality.
  • Increased rate limit for Gemini 1.5 Pro in Labelbox Foundry.
  • Sunsetting Export v1 for various customers, with a migration guide available for reference.
  • Sunsetting the custom editor on June 30 for all customers.
  • Python SDK v3.69.1 includes recent updates and improvements.

More on that : May 7, 2024

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