Share an Ontology

Hi all, I was told to create an ontology on LB for a project. How can I share it with another account who’s not my team member? Is there a way?

Hi @els, are you looking to share the ontology with someone in a completely different organization? If so, I would suggest navigating to the Schema page, selecting the ontology, clicking the </> icon, and then grabbing the JSON version of the ontology.

While information such as the schemaNodeId and the featureSchemaId cannot and do not need to be reused, you can programmatically create an ontology in a different organization by iterating through this JSON and following our instructions for creating an ontology in normalized JSON format, which can be found here.

If this person is not on your immediate team but is a member of the same organization as you, they will be able to access the ontology you created in the Schema tab if their role permissions grant them the ability to do so.

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