Unsupported type


I uploaded 121 images and almost 50% of them are displayed as ‘Unsupported type’.

I used CVAT previously, it did not have any problem.

Hi Taeyoon, thanks for posting here to the community page. I’m Zeke from the Labelbox Support team.

I am noticing that in the row data of the unsupported rows, there are parentheses in your URLs. For privacy reasons, I am not going to share an example here, but please attempt to re-upload your data rows with the URLs revised to not include any parentheses.

If this does not resolve the issue, please comment back here or open up a support ticket here. JPGs are a supported data type in Labelbox, so revising the URLs to only include acceptable characters should hopefully do the trick!

Hi Taeyoon,

Upon some further investigation, I have noticed that the unsupported assets you have uploaded are webp images.

webp is an unsupported asset type on Labelbox. You may notice that the images which do load in your Catalog have a mime type of jpeg.

The supported asset types for images are the following: PNG, JPEG, and BMP. You can read more about all of our supported data types here in our documentation.