Video labeling - Unsupported warning & a few labeling issues

I’m trying to use LabelBox to label full length videos with boundary boxes & classes to speed up the labeling process with the frame interpolation feature. However, I have been having a few issues with specific videos lately. Please find below a description of those issues as well as some related questions:
1- I often have the “Unsupported video detected” warning, which seems to appear for specific videos regardless on how they were collected. For example, I recorded the VID_20230803_153525 video with a camera and re-recorded the video by playing it on my phone and recoding the screen (dummy2 video). Both these videos show the Unsupported error message.

Q: Is there a way to fix this warning by preprocessing videos prior to LB import (e.g. with ffmpeg)? What is the risk of having this warning on the labeling & exporting process?

2- For most videos showing the warning, I can still proceed with labeling without any problem (even if a bit concerning). But with the two aforementioned videos (VID_20230803_153525 & dummy2), the length is limited to 421 frames (8 seconds) on the labeling timeline / scrubber, which is only about 25% of the full length video. You can find them in the L…Videos Project.

Q: What is wrong with those two videos? I would have expected a different behavior since dummy2 has been created by recording the 1st video on a screen.

3- Potential glitch: When setting a keyframe for a boundary box element, it seems the actual keyframe is sometimes set to the next frame instead of the current frame. This make the boundary box to always shift on the current frame right after changing its shape/position. The shift is probably caused by the interpolation function which recalculates the current frame BB placement based on the next frame target.

Hello @millx ,

We have strict format on video that you can check in our documentation : Import video data
Frame count and VFR (variable frame rate) are very often the issue here.

Now you mentioned ffmpeg which is an awesome tools.

Here is the command to process your videos to a Labelbox compatible format :

ffmpeg -i <input.mp4> -vcodec libx264 -acodec aac <output.mp4>

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

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