What does the Delete and Requeue function do?

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Have you ever labeled a data row, reviewed it, and marked as Done, and then realized you’re not quite satisfied with the label? No worries! Correcting this is easy with our handy “Delete and Requeue” feature.

What is the “Delete and Requeue” feature, and where can you find it?

  • The “Delete and Requeue” feature allows you to remove a label from your dataset and send it back into the labeling queue. This gives you a clean slate to relabel the data. It’s the perfect tool for revising or improving a label that didn’t turn out as expected.

Check out this quick video on how to use the “Delete and Requeue” feature:

And just like that, you’ve successfully deleted and requeued your data row!

Read more about it here: How to customize your annotation review process

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