Remove data rows from project

I accidently added data rows into an annotation project. What is the best way to remove them from the project? I don’t want to delete the data itself, just the connection to the specific project.

Hi @liorr ,

From the Project → Data rows tab go to Batches, use the ellipsis on the right and :

Labelbox 2023-09-11 11-39-11(1)(1)

You can also delete the batch entirely (if no labels have been created).

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Thanks! But that removes the entire batch, right? What if I just want to remove parts of the batch?


At the moment there is no way to remove individual data rows at the batch label, we advocate to delete the batch (or remove the asset queued) and re-create a batch.
We are also evaluating the possibility in the future do more cherry picking around batches.

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