I see pictures from different dataset

Hi everyone,
I can see picture from different dataset - how to remove it from my project ?

UPDATE: I tried to use “hide from labelers” but I still see the pictures which I’d like to delete.


Hello There,

Is your project set for Dataset or Batch?

  • Dataset
    → You can detach a dataset from the Project → Settings → Datasets

  • Batch
    → Data rows tab → Batches → Remove queued (x) and recreate one with the remaining assets since you cannot choose directly which one to remove.

This operation can result in lost of labels, It might be more convenient to skip those asset(s) rather than losing work.

Many thanks,
Paul T.
Labelbox Support

Thanks for replay,
I used dataset for project and then I added new batch, and when I add batch I got this issue. Anyway, because I afraid loss labels which was made - I will ignore the images which irrelevant for my project.

Thank for help

Hi @ptancre!

I see that there is a way to hide data rows from labelers. However, just wanted to re-confirm, is there a way to remove data rows from a project entirely?