How to hide flagged images in Labelbox from labelers?

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I have a specific question regarding permissions and access control in Labelbox. I’m currently working on a project where certain images are flagged due to sensitive content or personal information, and I want to restrict access to these flagged images for labelers.

Is there a way to implement a permission setting or feature that hides flagged images from labelers, ensuring they cannot view or access them during the labeling process? I’ve explored the role and project-based restrictions, but it seems users can still see everything within those defined projects and roles.

I’m particularly interested in understanding if there’s a method such as masking that can be applied to hide sensitive information within images or any other effective solution. Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


There is a way to hide specific images in a given project. If you navigate to the data row tab of a project and select a group of data rows you can press Hide from Labelers. I have a screenshot attached. This would only hide images from members with the Labeler role.

Here is a link to the documents for this feature. Data Rows tab Regarding your other question, we currently don’t have a feature that would allow you to mask certain parts of an image. You can only mark images as unviewable by labelers.

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Hello @gunderwood. Thank you so much for your prompt reply!