Working with fiftyone

When I run the tutorial of fiftyone to try to work with fiftyone,the code’anno_key = “annotation_run_1”

results = unique_view.annotate(
classes=[“vehicle”, “animal”, “plant”],
)’ made a error ‘MalformedQueryException: Cannot attach/detach dataset to/from a batch project’.
Please tell how to solve the problems!

Hi @lzp123,

The error you are receiving is due to the fact that newly-created Labelbox projects will use batch-based queuing, unless you specify the QueueMode in your project creation step (additional docs here). Soon, all Labelbox projects will use batch-based queuing, as opposed to using datasets.

With that said, the Labelbox <> Voxel51 integration is built and maintained by Voxel51. In order for the method you are calling (unique_view.annotate) to work out-of-the-box, Voxel51 would have to update their SDK integration.