Fiftyone Downloading labels from labelbox

I’m following the basic recipe interacting with LabelBox and I can’t seem to download labels from Labelbox. Labelbox Integration — FiftyOne 0.21.6 documentation

This dataset.load_annotations(anno_key) creates a new notification in my Labelbox Notification page with Task name “Bulk API Export: FiftyOne_lb-annotation-example” and the status spins for hours at 0% and then it completes - which then gives an empty [ ] json.

It doesn’t seem to be a communication issue with fiftyone since it was able to make a new notification. I don’t think I hit any hard limits either. Any ideas?

Hi @klam ,
Since this is a third party wrapper I have little context here but if the task is still “spinning” please provide the task id :

So I can look at what was attempted.

Note :
Unsure on when their code was updated but we might have updated/changed or remove code and thus created inconsistencies in that case please report this to Fiftyone.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

I’ll send fiftyone a message. I made another notification and here’s the task id:
cllxs0shx0fvw07y4fxgnhiqs (currently stuck at 0%)

Please let me know what you find. Thanks.

So, this is an export v1 that is attempted :

It’s flagged as COMPLETED but we are aware of some latencies on our end so operation like this takes more time than usual.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support