Accessing Project Materials Without Microsoft Work/School Account: Solutions?


I’m new to the platform and excited to gain experience. Recently, I received an invitation to a basic transcription project, perfect for getting started. However, I hit a roadblock when I needed a Microsoft account to access project assets and take the quiz.

I reached out to the admin about guest credentials or project-specific access, but unfortunately, didn’t receive a response. The support team directed me back to the admin, leaving me unsure about next steps.

A timely response is standard in such cases, and I’m unsure if the project is still active since no timeline was provided. I’m seeking overall insight from the community in case I’m invited to similar projects or other opportunities.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Are there alternative methods or resources available for accessing project materials? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to gaining more insight at the Labelbox Academy soon!

Thanks in advance for your help and support!

Hi @seko ,

It is unclear from who did you receive an invitation?

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Hello @ptancre,

Thank you for reaching out.

I received the invitation to a LOFT Transcription project from Elizabeth C*****, Director of Sourcing, via an email on April 14, 2024 (REDACTED). The email informed me about the project and invited me to participate. Later, on May 8, 2024, I received a follow-up email from Sondos F**** (REDACTED) with further instructions and guidelines for the project because I accepted to participate.

I was directed to review the guidelines and take the accompanying quiz. However, I encountered the obstacle I mentioned earlier, regarding the requirement of a Microsoft work/school account needed to access the assets for the quiz. My emails regarding the two inaccessible links in the guidelines and an explanation on what could be done without a Microsoft work/school account went unanswered.

Thank you for your support!

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This would be a matter that Labelbox as no input into, as we are the platform used we are agnostic of what cloud provider is utilized including login / storage.
Please revert to the organisation that contacted you in the first place with your concerns.

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I understand that Labelbox is a platform-agnostic service and doesn’t have direct involvement with the project that contacted me. However, I wanted to clarify that it is impossible for me to trace the organization that initially contacted me, as the email trail leads back to Labelbox-associated email addresses (with the .lxt extension). Since I received the initial invitation from Elizabeth C*****, Director of Sourcing with email address REDACTED and I received a follow up email from Sondos F**** with guidelines and requirements needed to board the project after I accepted the invitation with email REDACTED. I was under the impression that the Labelbox team would be able to assist in mediating communication between clients and individuals, at least at the administrative level. So I attempted to reach out to the admin via the second email that contacted me, but I never received a response.I believe it’s unlikely that I can personally contact the organization.
In light of this, I’ve decided to focus on developing my skills through the Labelbox Academy, which may lead to opportunities with other projects in the future.

Thank you, I appreciate your time.