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March 1st 2024, Here are the top news in the AI world this week, as always If we’ve skipped over something important, give us a shout! And don’t forget to cast your vote for the news story that caught your eye the most.

  1. Microsoft and Mistral AI announce new partnership to accelerate AI innovation and introduce Mistral Large first on Azure :m:

Microsoft and Mistral AI have announced a new partnership aimed at accelerating AI innovation and introducing Mistral Large, a generative AI model, first on the Azure cloud platform. This collaboration will make Mistral’s advanced AI capabilities more accessible to developers and businesses through Azure’s global infrastructure.

  1. Apple will ‘break new ground’ in GenAI this year :apple:

Apple CEO Tim Cook has teased the company’s plans to make significant strides in the field of generative AI this year. During Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, Cook emphasized the company’s commitment to AI, stating that Apple is investing heavily in the technology and is set to “break new ground” in the generative AI space.

  1. Google Cloud databases stand ready to power your gen AI apps with new capabilities :floppy_disk:

Google Cloud has introduced several new AI-powered features and enhancements to its database offerings, reflecting the company’s ongoing focus on supporting next-generation AI applications.

  1. AI image startup Ideogram gets $80M in Series A led by a16z | VentureBeat :money_with_wings:

Ideogram, a startup that specializes in AI-generated images, has raised $80 million in a Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The company’s image generation technology competes with similar platforms like Midjourney, and the new funding will be used to further develop its capabilities.

credit to Ideogram

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