Annotation Interface Design Customisation

Hi there, I am wondering if there is any way to customise the layout of the annotation interface on Labelbox. We are having annotators annotate a small snippet of text in quite a few different ways and would ideally like the sidebar on the left where the annotations are to be much bigger, and the actual display of the text they are annotating to be much smaller. Is this something that is supported in Labelbox?

At the present moment, the width of the Tools and Objects panels in Labelbox Editors cannot be altered, although the height of these two panels can be adjusted by dragging the division between the two.

Labelbox does allow for the creation of Custom Editors, which you may have seen an option for when setting up the Editor for a project. We have a public repository that includes a sample custom editor, which I encourage you to check out. Please keep in mind, though, that Labelbox Support team does not assist with the creation or implementation of custom editors.

@brooklyn.sheppard, here are some additional resources and example of custom editors!