Anyways to not allow deletion with the SDK?


using the sdk is really powerful but is there a way to prevent it from being able to delete anything such as labels or projects with the SDK?

it’s really scary because if someone is tired or not paying attention they can end up deleting a lot of work :sweat_smile:

There is a feature request for this exact action, changing the privileges of API keys separate from account roles! API keys are only issued for Organization Admins, please let me know if you’d like to add anything to this feature request!
Labelbox Support.

only thing that I can think of right now:

being able to edit permission level of what an sdk can do by:

  • being able to read only
  • (if possible) prevent overwrite or if it is going to over-write they would get a warning message or would have to confirm something. So they can write but not overwrite on an existing thing.
  • remove permission to delete…this can also go hand in hand with over-writing

since labels and ontologies are very important i would like something to make sure it’s not easy to delete or overwrite them.