Combine Objects

Hello! I have labelled dozens of images within the classifications of ‘water’ or ‘no data’. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand that each object within the classification ‘water’ needed to be one object. Now I have dozens of objects that are all ‘water’ but upon exporting I get the error: “not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 1)”. This error is solved when all of the classification labels for water are one object. Is there a way to combine my dozens of objects into one object? Very little coding experience, so a way to combine this in simple python or within LabelBox itself would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @lbelury ,

Could you provide the project id you are referring to here (you can find this in the URL while being in that projet ex - /projects/clrkneuw803zs073n3su319ik) ?

Also how are you exporting the data (so we can try to reproduce your issue) ?

Many thanks,