Default for checklist sub classifications

We have some tool annotations with sub-classifications that are radios. For some of these we would like to set a default value to the radio classification.
As an example, we are annotating images with “problem areas”. These problem areas, once drawn are then assigned a “severity” score (how bad is the problem). For some of these problem types, we want to have a default severity.

I am aware of pre-populated labels (via the model assisted labeling feature) but this only works if you you know which tool will be present at all. In our use case, we do not know which tools will be used until the labeler chooses them. Until the tool is chosen, there is nothing to pre-populate.

Hey @adam ,

Have you consider to look at bulk classifying ? Bulk classification

You could use our similarity search to filter and determine what to bulk classify upstream : Similarity search

Many thanks,

Unfortunately, we have a pretty complex use case and a lot of variation. Currently we have around 30 polygon tool labels alone (many of which have the sub-classifications where we need the defaults). Each image is fairly unique and 90% of the labels are shaped regions rather than global classifications. We are just starting out as well, so it will be a while before we accumulate enough data for model assistance.