How to get MAL Schemas from ontology?

This function takes in a normalized Ontology and returns a flattened map that is in the form of {name: featureSchemaId}. Here is a function that may help:

def map_features(ontology_normalized):
  """ Creates a dictionary where keys = tool/classification/option name : values = featureSchemaId
    ontology_normalized   :   Queried from a project using project.ontology().normalized
    Dictionary with the specified keys and values
  feature_map = {}
  tools = ontology_normalized["tools"]
  classifications = ontology_normalized["classifications"]
  if tools:
    feature_map, next_layer = layer_iterator(feature_map, tools)
  if classifications:
    feature_map, next_layer = layer_iterator(feature_map, classifications)
  return feature_map

def layer_iterator(feature_map, node_layer):
  for node in node_layer:
    if "tool" in node.keys():
      node_name = node["name"]
      next_layer = node["classifications"]
    elif "instructions" in node.keys():
      node_name = node["instructions"]
      next_layer = node["options"]
      node_name = node["label"]
      if "options" in node.keys():
        next_layer = node["options"]
        next_layer = []
    feature_map.update({node_name : node['featureSchemaId']})
    feature_map = copy.deepcopy(feature_map)
    if next_layer:
      feature_map, next_layer = layer_iterator(feature_map, next_layer)
  return feature_map, next_layer