What NDJSON do I use to create a 'Classification` annotation?

To use name_schemaId_map['radio_answer_1'] please refer to this post for the function that creates the output used in this dictionary below:

# name_schemaId_map = map_features(project.ontology().normalized)

classification_annotation = {
  'uuid' : str(uuid.uuid4()),
  'schemaId' :  'schemaId from ontology export or using name_schemaId_map['box'] using the function above',
  'answer' : {
      'schemaId' : name_schemaId_map['radio_answer_1'],
      'classifications' : []
  'dataRow' : {'id' : data_row.uid}

For most up to date format of NDJSON please refer to Labelbox Docs: Overview