Label/Review Webhook Specification w/ Review Coverage < 100%

I have several questions surrounding using webhooks for labeling and review activity.

The scenario is when we have the Review coverage set less than 100% & webhooks set for “Label Created” & “Review Updated & Created”. Thus we’ll have some labels going to the review queue and the rest going nowhere. We want to automatically export all labels NOT going to the review queue, and then all labels Approved at the review step.

  • Do newly created labels that are also sent to review queue trigger “Label Created” webhook, too?
    • If so, how can we make sure we don’t export the label before its approved at Review?

And, for all scenarios:

  • Does editing labels at the Review step trigger “Label Updated” webhook?
    • (Even if that label might not receive a Review rating from that reviewer)

Thank you


Today, the webhook triggers do not take in account any other activity. So that means label_created will always trigger once a label has been submitted by your labeling team regardless of whether or not it will be included in the review step. And, labels_updated will trigger regardless of when / where the label is updated.

The reviews_created trigger will also trigger regardless of not the review was done as a part of the review step or as an ad hoc review from the labels or data row tab.

The best way to ensure you only export the label once a review has been completed is to wait to ensure your review queue has been worked done.

In the future, we are working on a new review workflow and webhooks trigger that should handle this scenario better!


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Hey David, thank you this explanation is very helpful!

Btw for now, for full automation purposes, it will only make sense for us set up “Review Created” webhooks on projects that have 100% Review coverage - that way we don’t accidently export unreviewed labels