Labelbox editor doesn't open when hitting the start labeling button

Hello there. I’ve been using Labelbox for several months without any problems. Since yesterday whenever I hit the “start labeling” button, I get the following message and the editor doesn’t open, even though the workflow status of about 50 of my images is still “to label”. I tried everything but I cannot start annotating the images with this status. Would highly appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

Hi @Parni, what is your role on the project in question?

Hi @Zeke , thanks for your reply. I am the only member of the project and my role is “Admin”.

@Parni, are you still encountering this behavior? I’ve looked into this and am unable to see anything strange at present.

@Zeke Thanks for looking into it. I just removed some of the unlabeled images and re-added them to the dataset. After sending the newly added images to a batch, the editor works. I just have to delete the rest of the unlabeled images and repeat this process.