Link to queued data row

I would like the ability to go from filtering my data rows by specific metadata and choose which data row to start labeling among all the ones queued. Is there an ability to find the link to start labeling a specific data row or navigate to it?

Example: navigate from this screen to the specific data row

Hi Lucia,

I’ve actually had this type of request come up with a client before where there wasn’t a team of labelers, so the workflow is a little non-traditional.

For specific rows to be prioritized, you can select “+ New batch” in your screenshot which will take you to the catalog browser. From there you can:

  • Use the metadata filter to identify the row(s) you’re interested in.
  • Under the “x Selected” drop-down, select “send data row”
  • this will prompt you for the batch name and priority.
  • Go back and when you ‘start labeling’ the high priority data row will be provided first.

Hope this helps!

John Bullock, Technical Account Manager

Hi John,
Thanks for the information. I have been doing this as a work-around. However, if the data row I want to label next is already queued, I have to first remove it from the queue, and then re-send data row as another batch with higher priority.

No problem, Lucia! Another workaround I’ve seen for smaller datasets is you can do a quick run-through of the entire project and quickly “skip” all the labels. This will remove them from the queue and put them in a submitted, albeit ‘skipped’ state. Then you can specifically select and edit the rows you’re interested in based on your filters.