Ontology - Relationship feature

Hey folks,

I am using labelbox and I was confused as to what the relationship feature actually does.
It says it represents a connection between 2 annotated images, but what does it mean?

For example, in my project I might have images where the object is split between 2 images so would the relationship be used in cases like these?

If it’s something else then do mention it, hopefully with an example.

Is there any video/blog where the relationship feature is used, do mention it if you can?

Also, sorry for the multiple posts, actually it’s my first time doing a labeling project so I’m quite confused.

Hi Utkarsh, thank you for sharing your questions and for being an active poster. No need to apologize!

You are close in your assessment of the relationship feature. Rather than representing a relationship between two annotated images, the relationship feature represents a relationship between two annotations.

Annotations in Labelbox are made using the features (also commonly referred to as “tools”) in an ontology. The relationship feature can be used to connect any two annotations made with a polygon, bounding box, poly-line, or point tool.

The relationship tool cannot be used to denote relationships between annotations made in different assets (e.g. different images), as the tool must exist within the confines of one label. A label in Labelbox is defined as a collection of annotations made on an individual asset.

Please see this quick video for a brief explanation: Understanding Relationships

Hopefully this helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thanks for the response @Zeke_Labelbox, this really cleared it up;
And a great video as well, helped a lot.

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