Project Done but there are tasks in Que and Reserved for other Labelers?

Hello I would like to ask, I can’t start labeling because the project is done already, but I can still see that there are still so many tasks in que or reserved from other Labelers.

. Is this possible to reserve tasks? How? Thank you.


I’m having the same problem as well. Whenever I start labeling, the page for the tasks says All Done but when I check on the Project Overview, there are still more left.


I am sorry you are encountering this issue.
If you haven’t already, may I ask you to submit a support ticket here explaining the problem and including details of the project(s) currently having this issue?

Many thanks,

Labelbox Support

Same issue. I only made 101 in a day and then I can’t do the task any more. Any problem?

I am having the same issues too… For two days I don’t have anything assigned to me even now. I am asking the same is there any problem?

Hello, thanks for reaching out! The reason that you do not have any labeling tasks available is because there are no more assets to label in the project you have been assigned to.

Please reach out to your project administrator or team lead for questions regarding the availability of more work. Labelbox serves as the platform utilized to complete the tasks you are working on, but we do not determine the availability of work or the schedule at which it is released.