Projects & Ontologies: Are they related?

Why does this matter?

Many common misconceptions arise around the relationship between Projects and Ontologies in Labelbox. As a result, users sometimes find themselves with a cluttered collection of schema in their organization, which might make it more challenging to interpret data in the platform, dissect irregularities, or iterate on projects.

How are Projects and Ontologies related?

Every Project in Labelbox has an associated Ontology. Yet, it’s critical to remember that a Project does not own its associated Ontology. As stated in the Labelbox docs, “Ontologies can be accessed at the org-level and re-used across multiple projects.”

The following points can provide a helpful framework to understand the scope of Projects and Ontologies, regarding both their independence and relationship:

  • Projects and Ontologies each have a unique, independent ID.

  • We can utilize the SDK to view the relationship between each object type.

    • Call project.ontology() on a Project object to return a ToOne relationship to its associated Ontology.
    • Call ontology.projects() on an Ontology object to return a ToMany relationship (in the form of a paginated collection) to the Projects using this Ontology.
  • In the Schema tab, we can see the amount of Projects that use an Ontology in the UI. We can click on this Ontology to open a side panel in which the list of Projects will be displayed.