RetryError using dataset.export_v2

When I use project.export_v2 everything works fine, but when I try to do dataset.export_v2 with project_ids in export_params I get an InternalServerError and then a RetryError.

client = lb.Client(api_key=lb_key)
dataset = client.get_dataset("clnnbi6cp005507849iej89x5")
# Get all projects
projects_ids = [project.uid for project in client.get_projects()]

# Set the export params to include/exclude certain fields. 
export_params= {
    "attachments": False,
    "metadata_fields": False,
    "data_row_details": True,
    "project_details": False,
    "label_details": True,
    "performance_details": False,
    "project_ids": ["clnoue6431di9073pbs52eswk"],

start_date = "2023-11-01"
end_date = "2023-11-02"

# Apply filters and export data
filters= {
    "last_activity_at": [start_date, end_date],
    "workflow_status": "Done"

export_task = dataset.export_v2(params=export_params, filters=filters)

if export_task.errors:
    raise Exception("Export failed")

export_json = export_task.result

The error I’m getting:

I’ve checked the client.get_projects() works fine. So the problem is I would say in dataset.export_v2.

I figured out that the issue is caused by the

"workflow_status": "Done"