Setting up LLM Data Generation

I’m trying to follow this setup LLM data generation - specifically I want to provide a prompt and then have labellers write a response

I’ve uploaded my text data, but when I go to set up a project I don’t see a way to set up an ontology that supports this “prompt-response” setup. These are the options I see

But for example when I do Text or Conversational I see only the ability to set up ontologies to label/text entity - am I missing something for this LLM Data Generation?

When I go the Schema page to set up the appropriate ontology I don’t see the correct option there either

Hi @sid1, thanks for reaching out with this question! What is your organization tier? LLM data generation projects are only available for our paid tiers. You can upgrade to a paid plan in your workspace settings, or visit our pricing page to learn more about available plans. Let me know if I can answer any other questions here.