The datarow could not be fetched because access was forbidden (video/S3 bucket)

I have a S3 bucket with following json (just one sample, test purpose):

        "externalId": "vimeo_11261112.mp4",
        "videoUrl": ""

Both my Policy/Role integration and data connection check seems OK (all 2+3 ticks). I even can access data-row and play it in the catalog section, but as you can see there is still an issue with this:

The only thing that I find probably problematic is the Sample (pixel) aspect ratio which via labelbox metadata it has been reported to be 59:54. I don’t know if this is the reason but I tried this ffmpeg command to create 1:1 sample aspect ratio and still had same issue with the data:

ffmpeg  -i in.mp4 -c copy -bsf:v "h264_metadata=sample_aspect_ratio=1/1" out.mp4

If this sample_aspect_ratio is the case, how can I fix the current dataset?

Hello Didas, I don’t think the aspect ratio is the problem, it seems the data row was indeed marked with a forbidden error during processing can you try to reprocess/recompute it? on catalog on the data set you are using on the UI you can click on the red icon with the issues on the top right then select the data row and hit recompute as shown here

it might be that your integration was not set up at the time of processing but it is set up correctly now. Let me now if that does not fix your issue so we can continue investigating

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