Trouble accessing AWS S3 bucket data

Hello. I have some PDF and json data that I want to import into Labelbox using the python SDK delegated access. I’ve followed the steps outlined in this guide for integrating AWS S3 with Labelbox via IAM delegated access. Ran the validation successfully afterwards in Labelbox webapp. However, when I run the python script to import, I am consistently getting “Access Denied” error. I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve followed and rechecked every step in the guide. Please help if you can!

Thank you in advance,

Hey @il-young.son ,
Checking the issue here :
Seems we cannot retrieve the assets from that bucket.
I can see the bucket name (https://<bucket-name>.s3.<region><key>) and the ARN arn:aws:s3:::<bucket-name>/ are not matching make sure you have set the integration for the right bucket.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

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Oh. I see what I did. I’ve modified the policy to include the bucket name. Seems to work now! Thank you!