Unable to save changes to Label editor

Hi there,

I’m unable to save project ontologies using the label editor. Specifically, the save button works sporadically, randomly choosing to save the change or not.

Here’s the workflow:
I create a new labelbox project → Edit the Label editor under settings → try to add new classification (or object) to the ontology by re-using objects from the drop down → click done → click save → update does not get saved.

Thanks for looking into this asap!

Hey I was not able to reproduce the issue on my end. Do you still experience this?

We discussed with the Labelbox support team. A change in ontology management was introduced a few weeks ago to prevent some errors due to duplicated names. We were using duplicate names between objects and classifications, and that is no longer allowed. However, there was no error message so I was at a loss as to why a copied project was no longer saving. The issue was resolved by renaming some objects.