Uploading Dicom files

I m new to labelbox, and i would like to use labelbox to annotate dicom files.
But when i try to upload the dicom files, I get the following error message: " File upload error - invalid file extension for file".
thank you for your help.

Hey @khaled.radhouane - thanks for reaching out!

This has caught me off-guard before also. Here’s the doc page on uploading DICOM files: Import DICOM data

Currently, Labelbox only suports uploading DICOM assets via delegated access or public-accessible URLs. You can’t upload the file directly, you have to reference it via a JSON file like this:

    "row_data": "https://path/to/your/file.dcm",
    "global_key": "<unique global key>",
    "media_type": "DICOM"

Hope this helps!

Appreciate your your help.
It won’t be easy for me then.
Thank you again.