V1 => V2 Export migration?

I received the email saying we need to migrate off of Export V1 by April 20. Two questions:

  1. Are there any schema mapping guides (or better: code) between V1 and V2? The schema returned is completely different, and there’s no guidance in the migration notebook, nor in the migration guide, about how to map between the schemas.

  2. Is it even necessary to migrate? In the FAQ, I found:

What does this mean for projects that were created before Export V2 was released?

This deprecation of exports v1 will not impact your existing projects.

Does this mean that V1 will continue to be supported for existing projects indefinitely? And how do I know which projects this applies to?

Unfortunately, export V1 will be completely removed by the end of this month, and you won’t be able to use it on existing projects. You are still able to use export v2 on those projects. I would look at Labelbox developer’s guides for export v2