Validation errors while looping over iterable

As seen above the iterable cannot be looped over at the 3549th element. It looks like there are 5 elements with this problem? Any workarounds would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for reaching out.

I tried to reproduce this issue in my project with +44K labels but could not, so the project’s state must be causing this error, and I would like to find the root cause. Please could you share your Project ID?

Thanks !


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project = lb.get_project('cl97nfdyo0eh5071q5b8l3iom')

Thanks for the information. I looked into this, and it looks like Label ID cl9ql0oi20rzb081xh13jbb14 is missing an annotation. This issue should be resolved if you select an answer and click Save.

If this does not solve the issue, please feel free to open a support ticket with relevant information, you can mention Rahul has context about this ticket, and someone will be there to assist you.