Allow resize of side-bar for labeling instructions

I notice that it can be hard to read PDF files that contain labeling instructions. Could be fixed by allowing the right-hand side-bar to be resized left/right, similar to how we can resize the left-hand side-bar to be resized which contains the tools/objects.

Hi @b.combs ,

Great suggestion! I’ll be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf :slight_smile: I could definitely see how the ontology instructions could obstruct the view of the PDFs.


Actually it’s the opposite feedback, the ontology instructions (uploaded as pdf) are hard to read so it would be nice to be able to expand it out a bit when referencing them.

I see - the current workaround might be to use the + option to zoom into the PDF.

Yeah, it’s not so much a problem for me as I added these for Boost, just seems like a clunky product experience. If you try to read the PDF, zooming and then scrolling around left/right to read is not great. My labelers do not use the ontology instructions inside labelbox for this reason, we bypass it as it’s not a good product experience for us, but when using Boost we just put the PDF we use in there for them. Up to Labelbox if ya want to do anything about it! Just sharing my thoughts.

Still a great callout - will mention that in the feature req :slight_smile: Thanks Brent!