Foundry stuck at 0% inserting pre-labels

Hey Labelboxers,

Earlier today I decided to try pre-labeling a batch of data (PDF documents) with a few classification labels. The status of this task (clu1w923205fc07z0de7y0685) has been spinning at 0% for hours and even though I know ChatGT4 is relatively slow, I don’t think the job should take this long.

Also, Gemni & Claude both failed to even submit originally. My guess is that with Foundry being so new these are just the bugs that gotta get squashed but thought I’d go ahead and raise my first topic as a newbie in this community.

I’ll send in a support ticket as well. Let me know if you have any thoughts about how to go from 0 to :100: :slight_smile:

Hey Brent,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We got your ticket and investigating it. I’ve made some updates there.

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Thank you @smutta I saw that support ticket. Will review and move our convo over there for the time being.