How to change the font of text in data rows

Hey everyone,

I am so fed up with the font of text in data rows during labelling (The main text that is annotated). The text is so hard to read in that font. If would be much better if it’s sans or arial.

However, I am unable to find any help regarding this. I would really appreciate if anyone could help in this regard


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Hi @the_basit_ali ,

Thank you for your feedback, currently we do not enabled user to change the font family however there is way around it**.

You can use a extension to make CSS modification, before doing so I would strongly advocate to do some testing and this is a sample provided as is.

Here, I am using Stylus :

Before :

After using Arial :

Here is what the script is doing :

   font-family: arial;

You can test with different font family, I would discourage you to do any other modification as some unintended consequences can arise from that.

I will also check internally if we could implement some text customisation in the roadmap.

Many thanks,

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