How to : Specificity of Video Uploads for Labelbox

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This article provides an overview of Labelbox’s support and offers solutions to common video asset-related issues encountered by users.

Prerequisite : ffmpeg

Videos are encoded and decoded using various codecs to ensure compatibility and efficient playback across different browsers. The following list outlines some of the most common video codecs you may encounter when working with web-based video content: Web video codec guide - Web media technologies | MDN

Labelbox supports currently : H.264 & H.265

  1. H.264 (AVC): Widely supported and known for its high compression efficiency, H.264 is a popular choice for web video delivery.

  2. H.265 (HEVC): H.265 offers better compression efficiency than H.264, resulting in smaller file sizes while maintaining high-quality video.

I - Checking the video

II - Removing Frame-count inconsistency

III - Rotating video

IV - Changing FPS

Sample asset :

We provide guidance on limit to make sure your experience is optimal, this is subject to changes :

  • Video size - 250MB
  • Frame - 20,000

Ref doc :

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