Import issue with short lived links

I have tried importing the data at Labelbox for which I have used the urls of some videos and images from some websites the urls of the images and videos expire after 24 hours and after 24 hours I have the issue of asset didn’t load properly . so my question is if I store the urls of images and videos collected in gcs bucket in json format and on a day basis refresh the json files linked to Labelbox through gsutil uri will labelbox at its server side refresh the links and not load it without showing me assets didn’t load properly.

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Is there a reason why you would not be using delegated access ?

Once set you don’t have to update the URLs since the delagation will do that on your behalf.
The alternative would be to retrieve the list of data rows / URLs and do an update with the SDK.

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No, there is no such specific reason to do so… btw … thanks a lot for the information @ptancre

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