Review Queue Not Updating?

We have legacy image labeling projects with the ‘review’ functionality and it has worked well. With new projects though, I am able to review about 20 images, and then the queue freezes and it will not let me approve or reject anything. I have tried different browsers, login/logout, waiting, clicking around… nothing really works. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hey Will,

Can you provide some details on this?

  • User email

  • Project ID

We will try to look into it ASAP


My email is and the project ID is ‘clakti6521o5108080js1dob7’. When I approved an image, it kept showing me the same image and would not present the next image. I managed to finish the review, but I had to select the datarow manually from the left slider each time, which took awhile.

When it works correctly, I only see one datarow in the far left panel. When it is buggy/not working I see a vertical slider with each datarow in the project listed.

Thanks for your help.