Vocabulary integration

I have a question regarding bringing in controlled vocabularies into Labelbox.
My understanding is, that currently if we wish to utilize a controlled vocabulary to tag specific entities, this vocabulary would need to be built into the Labelbox ontology with labelbox specific IDs. Is there a way to bring in external vocabularies with their IDs into labelbox?


Hi, thanks for reaching out.

Please could you expand on what you mean by vocabulary? Here are the key definitions for Labelbox

Here is also the documentation for ontology and you can also easily use our powerful Python SDK to create ontology in Labelbox.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to assist.


Doc to create ontology via SDK

Hi Rahul,
thanks for your reply, this helps understanding how Labelbox is set up.
I’d like to clarify further what I mean with the vocabulary integration.
We would like to classify specific features in the document using Labelbox, and we would like to use specific global identifiers (URIs) from external coding schemas for this classification.
So far I have understood that we would need to add a subclassification to the feature with the URI inside and then do a mapping in some postprocessing step.
Is there another way to bring in URIs for classification of features based on external code lists?


Hi Ole,

Please could you answer these questions to assist you further?

  • Is there an example you can share?
  • What is the purpose of having this mapping?
  • It sounds like each URI maps to an external code?
  • Is your intention to display certain classifications names to the labelera and have that map to something else? If yes then you could create a mapping in the post processing step.