Export Labels confusion

Hey folks,

So, I have a doubt in regards to what to export; like it shows it’s exporting submitted labels for a selected time frame,
But wouldn’t I need to export the approved labels?

Also, can I get the exported file in other formats like Yolo, coco, or pascal-VOC?

Hi Utkarsh, thanks for posting your question here.

First, please note that you can adjust the date range for your export to export labels created during a specific time frame. Additionally, you could choose to simply export all labels created in the project, if desired.

Second, the Labelbox export will include all labels created (within the set date range), not just the approved labels. Within the JSON for each label, in the "Reviews" field, there will be a record of whether or not the label was approved or rejected. Using this field, you can filter your JSON to contain only the approved labels. Our approach here is to provide users with the most amount of helpful information to then be able to customize their workflows however they please.

Lastly, the export format cannot yet be converted within Labelbox to the other formats that you have mentioned, but you can view our documentation here on how to convert to COCO format using the Python SDK as you generate your labels.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and thanks for reaching out!

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