Importing/Uploading Pre-Annotated Data

Hey folks,

For my project, I have found some open-source already labeled data that I want to add to my project on labelbox for reviewing and combining it with the other data that is getting annotated in labelbox.

This pre-annotated data is in VOC format as an XML file, is there some way to do this?

@utkarshtomar736 Here’s a few code examples to import pre-labeled data:

  2. Converting to COCO format

[Try this example](Read and Write Pascal Voc XML Annotations in Python - ML Hive to create a script to parse pascal VOC XML into Labelbox import format.

Hey @manu,

Thanks for the response, just to clarify
I’ve converted the geospatial data to PNG format for labeling and training. Would this shared notebook work for that as well? It mentions geospatial data so I was a bit confused.

Also, can you take a look at this post as well?


yes, its PNG/JPG files

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