Is the Free Tier Broken?

I’m surprised by how much trouble I’m having just navigating Labelbox on a free account. I’ve uploaded some data via the Python SDK. I’ve tried to create an Ontology via the SDK but the command just hangs. If I try to create one via the UI nothing gets added nor is there any indication of an error after clicking create ontology.

Buttons just don’t work. If I go to “Configure The Editor” in annotate the next button literally does nothing. If I’m browsing Public datasets and try to switch back to my private one by clicking switch workspace it takes like 5 attempts before it actually works.

I really want to like labelbox, but so far my experience has been incredibly frustrating.


Thanks for reaching out. We have a scheduled maintenance going on and we have this status page here for reference for most up to date information.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to assist.



Hey Yusuf, sorry to hear that. Agreed with your frustrations - we’re working hard to remove them.

One rule of thumb, for now, is that when you create things (eg an Ontology, eg adding metadata, …) you can refresh the page to see the updated objects.

Please keep this feedback coming, we’re fixing them one-by-one.